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Laura Towart

Founder & CEO

Laura founded Vivan Therapeutics to advance a ground breaking personalised approach to cancer developed at Mt Sinai Medical Center. Laura is also the founder & former CEO of Celmatix, a leader in genomics and pharma target generation of women’s health. Laura became passionate about personalised medicine during her PhD studies at Weill Cornell Graduate School for Medical Sciences/Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Since then she has been actively involved in translational advances in medicine.


Dr. Nahuel Villegas

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Villegas has a background in genetics, stem cells and cancer biology. Dr. Villegas has broad expertise modelling human tumourigenic processes in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster to study druggable conserved oncogenic targets. His work intent to bridge basic and translational science, combining cancer genetic analysis with in vivo high-throughput drug discovery strategies aimed to find novel pharmacological anti-cancer cocktails for personalised therapy.


Giorgio Reggiani

Chief Financial Officer

Giorgio has over 30 years of experience helping startups and high growth companies and their teams develop new products, create new markets and grow internationally. Giorgio is also a Founding Partner and CFO at Global Bio Fund, focusing on sustainability and development challenges and solutions through bio innovation. Previously Giorgio held the position of Co-founder, CFO and Director at Nanna Therapeutics, a rare diseases drug discovery platform spin-out where he helped negotiate the sale of the company to Astellas Pharmaceuticals. Giorgio holds an MBA from the London Business School.


Paul Cook

Chief Technology Officer

Paul has over two decades of experience in creating and scaling complex, innovative solutions across nearly every technology platform and industry. He has lead teams creating applications for financial services, hardware engineering and data intelligence companies and is closely involved in software and AI communities.


Dr. Priyanka Goel ​

CEO - MPT Foundation

Dr. Goel is a clinical physician with program management experience in the hospital & healthcare industry across Chicago, New York City and London. She is skilled in operations, healthcare financing and strategy areas and has led the Public Health England funded partnership for health promotion project. Dr. Goel worked with Mount Sinai Hospital Systems as Corporate Director in their Charge Capture Department.


Dr. Andrea Chai

Principal Scientist & Lab Manager

Dr. Chai is a career neuroscientist who begun investigating neurodegeneration before transitioning into neural tumour pathophysiology. Recently, Dr. Chai employed fruit fly models to understand the early stages of brain cancer formation at the Centre for Developmental Neurobiology (King’s College London, UK). Dr. Chai’s work has involved high-throughput behavioural testing, microscopy and genetic screening.


Dr. Cristina de Miguel Vijandi ​

Senior Scientist

Dr. de Miguel has work experience across the fields of neurobiology, evolution and development, and plant physiology. Continuing with her research using Drosophila as a model, she studied the development of the glial cells at the Francis Crick Institute in London (UK). Throughout her years of experience, Dr. de Miguel has developed a broad expertise in Drosophila genetics and in molecular biology.


Dr. Annick Sawala

Senior Scientist

Dr. Sawala has a long-standing interest in growth regulation, cell signalling and metabolism. Dr. Sawala has more than 12 years of research experience with the fruit fly model, with extensive expertise in molecular genetics, growth screens and whole organism physiology.​ She is excited to apply her knowledge and skills to develop a personalised in vivo drug discovery platform that will offer new hope to patients and may revolutionise our approach to cancer treatment.


Dr. Deisy Guiretti

Senior Scientist

Dr. Guiretti has a BSc degree in Genetics and a PhD in Neurosciences. Deisy has more than 15 years of research experience in genetics, virology, cancer and epigenetics, working in top institutions across Argentina, Brazil, UK and Spain. She has expertise in a broad range of molecular biology techniques and a true passion for translational research, which she is now applying to the development of personalised cancer therapies.


Dom Kirkham

Data Scientist

Dom has experience in machine learning and its application to cancer ‘omics data. He recently finished an MEng in Information Engineering at the University of Cambridge, and is planning to return for a PhD in Biostatistics. He is excited to contribute to data science and machine learning efforts to deliver personalised cancer therapy.


Dr. Edoardo Abeni

Cancer Bioinformatician

Dr. Abeni has experience in the field of cancer molecular genetics at genomic level. Throughout his career he has studied liver and breast cancer using innovative bioinformatics techniques. His knowledge in tumor molecular biology combined with his bioinformatics skills allow him to provide a full characterisation of the patient's tumor mutations which are used to build our personalised treatments.


Alya Al Johani

Project Manager

Alya has extensive and varied experience in business and marketing support, driving this through to strategy and implementation.
She began her career focusing on Brand Management at Proctor & Gamble where she was responsible for several successful regional product launches. Alya graduated from King's College London with a BSc in Business Management. She has since worked for a number of start-ups and later stage companies across diverse sectors including fintech and property development.


Patricia Plaza Rojas

Lab Technician

Patricia has a BSc degree in Biological Sciences. She has experience in the development of cell-based assays, molecular biology and genetics. She started her career investigating the pathway of autophagy using the model Physcomitrella patens. Patricia is a passionate biologist who is excited to apply her knowledge and skills in the treatment of cancer.


Li Xuan Sim


Lixuan has varied experience in cancer biology, neurogenetics, forensics and chemistry. She has just completed her MSc in Biomedical Sciences Research at University of Bristol, and is looking for doctorate opportunities in cancer and immunology. She is excited to be able to contribute to translational cancer research at Vivan and deliver solutions that will have a direct impact on patients' lives.


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