We recently received a letter of thanks from the mother of one of our patients:

In May of 2018 we met Dr. Marshall Posner (of Mount Sinai New York) to help in the treatment of Brian’s Salivary Gland Cancer.


Dr. Posner treated Brian with all the resources available to him for treatment.  Salivary Gland Cancer is very rare and studies are limited. As the medication’s ran there course Dr. Posner recommended My Personal Therapeutics/Vivan as a source of research exclusive to Brian and his Cancer. As the last medication had run it’s course My Personal Therapeutics/Vivan came up with a medication that targeted Brian’s cancer.


Brian is now on the new medication is is doing very well.


We now look forward with HOPE! Thank you Dr. Posner for your research and knowledge. Thank you to the researchers at MPT/Vivan.


Keep up the GREAT work.


All the best,

A grateful MOM